Sunday, October 28, 2012

APDT Rally Obedience Trial - Double Dog Dare

The dogs and I had an absolutely wonderful day trialing for APDT Rally Obedience with Oakes K9 Training today! Rally-O started off as "Ein's thing".  When I decided to put Ein in this trial, I entered Molly on a whim.  Because "Why not?".  Because I am head over heels in love with Rally Obedience, and all of my dogs should be able to enjoy it with me.  Right?

Ein and Molly got two legs each, since this was a double trial.  The set up inside of the spacious K-9 Gym allowed for less out-of-ring distraction than I have experienced at previous trials.  There were also raffle baskets, delicious lunch available for small donation, and a Halloween Parade Costume Contest.  (Ein won "honorable mention" for his moose costume.)

"I did your crap today.  Now let me go sleep on the couch!"

I was more than a little nervous about how Molly would do.  Molly is my loose cannon.  She knows the behaviors inside and out, but that is only half the battle.  I should not have worried.  Thanks to our hiking and swimming prep yesterday, and Molly's rock-solid "Focus" command, waiting for our turn to walk the course was peaceful.  During both runs, Molly was interested in sniffing the signs and cones.  Other than that, no funny business.  She was full of beautiful heeling, solid stays, great turns.  I am so proud of my bull in a china shop today!

Bottom Line-
1st Leg - 201/210, Fifth Place.
2nd Leg- 201/210, First Place. (We tied with another dog for First.  This means that the two tied dogs had to re-do signs 1-6, with First Place going to the highest score.)

The Finest Einest RL1!

Ein has bad trial nerves.  Worse than mine.  Ein is worried about Other Dogs, People, Noises.  He worries a lot.  Our constant struggle is maintaining focus and not stressing about distractions.  For whatever reason, this was the first trial that Ein was able to relax and work with me, and it was beautiful.  We re-did a sign on each leg.  Ein sat during a 360 degree turn on our first leg.  On the second leg, instead of coming to a sit at heel he walked in some worried circles and sat several feet away from me, facing whatever had distracted him.
Best of all, the dogs got a bunch of toys!
Small bumps in the road!  Ein's first leg today earned him his RL1 Title, and the second leg put us into "B" class for Level One.

Bottom Line -
1st Leg - 203/210, 2nd Place.
2nd Leg - 206/210, No Placement.

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