Monday, November 19, 2012

A Weekend on the Trails

Hey, this is supposed to be a "daily" blog!  For shame.  I was hiking all weekend and collecting photos for sharing!  Our first hike, on Saturday, was a section of the Appalachian Trail.  PA225 into the "trail town" of Duncannon.  Ein and Perri were along, and we joined my friend and her two border collies, Steve and Bean.  I realized today that Ein is older than all three of his other hiking buddies put together. What an old man!

Said Border Collies.

More poodle on the rocks.

It was a tad rocky.  I had to lift the dogs over top of a boulder at one point!

And then, down out of the woods...across this busy bridge via a walking section and into the town of Duncannon.  End!

Sunday was a nice breakfast with my sister and her husband, followed by a li'l photo shoot in a local park, including their two dogs Everett and Deanna.  More on that later.
I brought my hiking boots and girl dogs in anticipation of a short hike on the Horse Shoe Trail, since it was conveniently on the way home.  2.2 miles out, 2.2 miles back.  

All attitude.

Looking ever onwards.

The trail opened out onto a huge field.  I could see well ahead of me, so I let the dogs run loose for a little while.  They appreciated!

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