Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bake Oven Knob lite.

Today I did a re-visit of a place that I have hiked before.  Bake Oven Knob on the Appalachian Trail.  BOK is a gorgeous overlook within .4 miles of a parking area, so I knew there would be plenty of people on a gorgeous November day.  I left Molly at home for that reason, I didn't need her enthusiastic lurching over the boulders while we were connected with a leash.

Some rocks to hike over.

As I anticipated, there were loads of people.  I enjoyed a lot of flattery and praise for my dogs.  I chatted with a Standard Poodle devotee who had even adopted a corgi through rescue.  The corgi relentlessly herded her child and poodles, so she returned the corgi to the rescue as a poor match.  YES, corgis are bossy :)

Lots of amazement that Ein can rock hop.  Ein is so cute.  Perri is a parti poodle!  Perri is "cut nice".  (this pleased me, I enjoy grooming Perri and want to improve my skills in that department.)
"Look, a wolf!", some little kid shrieked at Ein.

Li'l Wolf.

Poodle Shadow. 

Waiting while I searched for the Bake Oven Knob geocache, "Bok Joy".  (I never did find it.)

Everybody that we met was nice, but I am very much a person who enjoys my solitude in nature.  It is a big reason that I thrive as a solo hiker.  I decided to hike out the 1.4 miles south from the trailhead to "Bear Rocks".  The trail was not so populated, although we did pass a few people.  Bear Rocks was just as crowded, but I did tether the dogs and crawl to the top in search of another geocache.  Which I did not find.

Goodbye, Trail.

We did revisit the BOK overlook.  I squeezed in a spot through all the people on the rocks and sat on top of the world with the dogs and enjoyed the wind and the joy of being outdoors.

Perri is exhausted.  Dawson is exhausted just thinking about it.

And then I ate my dinner.  And the dogs begged for it.  

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