Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lancaster County Park Mini Hike

I got an afternoon off of work yesterday, with evening plans to help my mother continue to pack boxes for her moving.  However, spare time is a terrible thing to waste!  I headed to my favorite park local to my parents' house, Lancaster County Park!

LanCo Park allowed off leash dogs that are "under voice control", and that is another reason that I love it so much.  We had time for about an hour's walk, and we took full advantage.


Then we got a special treat, deer photos!  On the way back to the car is a small stretch that I often see deer at (whether I am driving or walking).  I never have the correct lens with me, or I have Molly with me.  And Molly thinks deer are very exciting and likes to yell at them.  But, with no Molly and the zoom lens, I was hoping to see some deer.  And as luck would have it...

Perfect Walk!

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