Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snowy Saturday Hike.

There was SNOW today.  I actually despise snow, so why was I outside in the snow?
I will tell you why.  I have been spending far too much time at work and was having overwhelming desires to Get Out.  So I sort of said, "oh well!" to the snowy weather forecast, packed the dogs up, and headed out to the Sand Spring Trail.  And guess what?  Husband Vince even came along!

I quickly learned the poodle hair is not very awesome in the snow.

It is funny looking, though.

Family dinner of sticks.

It was fun for a while...

And pretty for a while...

It snowed the whole hike.  It was nice to go to the Eagle's Nest Shelter for lunch and to be dry for a little while.

Meanwhile, Perri snowballed.  This drove her insane by the end of the hike.  Actually, Molly helped Perri lick and groom all of those snowballs off of her once we got back in the car.  So sweet.

Winter Blows.

No one felt like cooperating for a family photo.

Off of the Appalachian Trail and onto the Gamelands Access Road.  Under the snow was pure ice and there was lots of slipping and falling.

Look, Ein grew a beard.

Can't see!

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