Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Poodle Progress

Hitting up the weaves some more tonight.   Perri at last had some sort of poodle epiphany and we are having WEAVE.  My yard was sprayed with bug repellent today so we could not practice in the yard, so: slippery floor and no space.   Ah well, just one day.

We have agility class tomorrow night, so hopefully this stroke of genius crosses over and we can start building some speed into our act.
Sidenote: We had retrieve foundations tonight and Perri had progressed to a cautious open mouth around the dumbbell (it's as though she thinks it will electrocute her or stab her mouth.  She's playing it safe!) and I did get two light grippy holds towards the end of class.
I will say that her work ethic is improving.   She does not walk away from me half so much anymore but seems genuinely interested in whatever we are working on.

Anyway!  Then I had to make a Molly-movie just because -  but this really shows how slippery the floor is and I feel kind of bad about that.

Ohhhh that right side is WEAK.   Guess what?  For about a month solid now, I make Molly run these weave poles to get to her dinner.   And as you can guess, she has been weaving them exclusively in the direction where she shows the most skill in this video.   I guess we will need to work on the opposite direction now.  Actually, we have a whole lot to work with when it comes to weave poles.

And speaking of Molly, she popped out of her weaves on her Monday night agility class.  Limping.  Hard.   My heart dropped because, "Not again."  I carried her off the course, crated her.   It was gone in five minutes.   She has not shown one bit of discomfort or shadow of a limp since.   So maybe she just hit her toe or turned weird and felt ouchy for a moment.   Regardless, I did a search online and found these awesome neck, back and shoulder stretches on that are going to be a part of Molly's agility future from now on.   We did them tonight after this weave session!  

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