Sunday, October 20, 2013

AKC Agility Trial @ Dauphin Dog Training Club

I wish I had photos of ribbons to post here, but... I do not.   We still had a good time though!
The venue was extremely spacious and well laid out, a little chilly though.  Since this venue had three rings with three judges, I did not have to show up at early 'o clock for a measuring.   Arrival was at 8am (sleeping in for agility standards!)

In AKC agility, dogs over two years old have to have two different measurement.   Since there were plenty of judges, I had Molly measured two different times so that is over and done with.   Her first measurement was 21 1/2" and her second was 20 1/8".  With these two measurements she was in the clear for the 20" Regular class (since she was not over 22".)  Our measuring experience was very pleasant and simple and I appreciated that.  I feel like AKC has very reasonable jump height classes.

Chilly Moo!

Our first course of the day was Novice Agility Standard.  (Click to Enlarge.)

Remember how worried I was about how Molly would handle the stress of a new, noisy venue?
She handled it as she always handles these things...but running.
Weaves?  What weaves?!   She ran to the teeter instead.
We didn't even complete the weaves, we were told to "Move On."
She amazingly got the discrimination and did not take the Aframe after the 3-Jump.
Skidded off the table and took a bonus chute.
Behaved until after the dog walk, took the tunnel instead of the jump.
After then actually taking the jump she promptly jumped the ring gate and said Goodbye, Done with this course!
Oh boy.

Well, I wasn't letting it get me down.   It was funny and I love my girl.   Leaving the ring is a very not-funny habit however.   I also absolutely don't know what to do with Molly's habit of always zooming out on her first run of the day.   Will it end with time and experience?   I can only hope so.   It's discouraging, especially in AKC when we only get two runs per day.

Next was Novice Jumpers with Weaves.
This was...great!  She just ran it.  I led out and released her once I was past jump two.
She did it all, even got her weave entry on approach which she has never before done at a trial.
I was so proud she got the discrimination after jump 9!
We almost qualified but she dropped the 13-jump bar.
I watched the video, I don't really know why other than she just didn't put enough liftoff into her jump.   Dropping bars is truly very rare for Molly and it normally happens due to an error on my part.  For the first time I think that this was not my problem.
Still, she got a time of 28.29 (!) and I am so proud of her.   Even though we NQ'd, it was a great run.  This dog has come so far this year, to be able to come back down to earth and do a nearly clean run and work with me after being so crazy earlier in the day.

And that was it!  The day ended early, it was over before I knew it.   I liked AKC agility a lot and I think that I would like to give it another try, but probably not until next year.  Also of note: I have been training Molly for Rally-O Level 2 in WC Rally while we wait for our turn in agility.  It centers her brain on me and gives her something fun to do.   I think that I will probably enter her in a Level 2 course at our club's December Rally-O trial.  Off leash, yikes!

Additional bonus: I was at last be able to get my hands on a ComfortFlex harness for Ein.   Since he is so low with short legs, his traditional harness is always slipping off of him and the ComfortFlex was recommended to me in the past.  I hadn't wanted to order one online without being able to see it in person, so I was happy to see a vendor carrying them today.   The neighboring vendor even let me try on two different sizes on her own corgi to be sure!

Can't wait to go hiking in this thing!

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