Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Big Spring, Fowlers Hollow and Colonel Denning State Parks

So very belatedly, it is now time to post Day 3 of my Mountain Vacation from last week (Oh, only a week overdue.)

My mom and I had to close up the cabin and make the drive home together, but I had plans.   By going just a little bit out of our way, we skipped the long haul on the Turnpike and opted for the scenic route.  Conveniently, there were three state parks to be visited along the way!

First was Big Spring State Forest Picnic Area (yeah, it's a state park!)
This park was just what it sounds like: a picnic area.  Scatterings of picnic tables, a pavillion and restroom.  It was a nice stop off for us to stretch our legs.   I did see that there was a trailhead for a hiking trail that led out of the park.

Back in the car and our next stop was Fowlers Hollow State Park.   This park was another easy visit since it was a campground and day use picnic area.   This park gets the "nicest restroom award" for the day.  Flush toilets and all, wow!

Our last stop was Colonel Denning State Park and we stayed here the longest.   This park had a very pretty lake, beach area for swimming in warmer weather and quite a few trails.   We opted on the one mile long "Nature Trail" since it was gentle and mom-friendly.   (Except for that moment when she almost stepped on a snake!)   I was just grateful that it wasn't a rattlesnake or copperhead.

Mom and Dawson in the gazebo


Perri disrespecting "Leave no Trace".  I had a word with that poodle.

The Finest in his element.

Dawson getting his earthworm on.  Literally.

Clean off and cool off!

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