Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Buchanan's Birthplace and Cowans Gap State Parks

Day two of Mountain Vacation aka PA State Park Visiting Mania!  It rained all day and varied from drizzle to monsoon level, but I would not be deterred!

On Sunday's agenda was first Buchanan's Birthplace State Park.   It was a super small park with a pretty creek flowing through, a pavillion, a scattering of picnic tables and of course the giant monument to James Buchanan (the 15th president of the United States and the only president from Pennsylvania.   Ya learn something new every day!  History buff I am not.)
Also, we found a geocache!

Said Monument.
Dogs posing in front of said monument.  As usual, Molly is a jerk.

And back on our way to the next park, Cowans Gap State Park.  The rain really decided to amp up at this point and it settled down to a steady tempo as I pulled into the parking lot.   Sigh.  There were a lot of cool looking trails at this park and if it had been nicer I would have spent hours here.   Still, I was a good sport and settled on the "Lakeside Trail", a 1.5 mile loop around the Cowans Gap lake.

Ooooooooh misty.



Crossed the dam...

This "Standing Stone" trail seems interesting, will be visiting in the future!

And then it started to rain much harder, and my camera went into my waterproof jacket for safety sake.  This park was within half an hour of where I was staying and I do believe that I will be paying it another visit in the future.  There is much more hiking to be enjoyed (of the straight up the steep rocky Are You Insane?! variety, it seems.) 
and I also would not mind renting a kayak or canoe to take out on the Cowans Gap lake.

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