Monday, November 11, 2013

Molly Makeover

Bath Time...

And new collar time!  

Molly seems to have an official fan club at Petsmart.  Tonight she had a girl on each side of her, massaging either her side or her neck, only pausing to give her treats!

Molly's collar was getting kind of grungy (it is actually a collar that I bought for Perri on her "gotcha day", but it turned out to be too big.) so tonight was new collar night.  I have always stayed away from snap type collars for Molly - she can bust them right open.   I briefly considered buying her one tonight since she is quite a bit more trained and calmed down than she was in those days.
We instead settled for the comfortable and secure buckle collar - but this time something a little less girly.   Very electric, very Molly!   (Her last three colors were pale pink, magenta, and purple.  Time for something new!)

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