Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Up to Not Much

I've been quiet, so have a photo of Ein from one year plus one day ago.  Such a little adventurer.

We have not been up to too much other than the normal.  Playing agility in the yard.  Playing dumbbell inside (Perri made another hard won inch of progress where that is concerned - she now turns her head towards me after she takes the dumbbell instead of simply lowering it to the floor.)

I visited the library tonight and discovered that their reading dogs have not been attending "Paws and Pages" and I left my phone number for the director of children's programs to call me - they sounded interested!  I am a bit over the moon about this because I adore my little small town library and I adore books and I would love to get Perri involved with helping kids enjoy reading.

So have a great Thanksgiving!  My doggies have helped me in the kitchen with my baking already, they are a great supervision and clean up crew.  The very best!

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