Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review!

Time for an obligatory End of 2013 post!  What a fantastic year.  Perri's first full year with us!  A year of many miles hiked, many new state parks visited, many titles earned.  Molly's first year of agility trialing!  Finding a dog training club that I am in love with.  I sure have been busy...

Vince and I fostered 1 dog (VITO!).  I did eight rescue transports and transported 16 dogs total.  Yay!

New State Parks visited this year: 16!!

Ridley Creek State Park
Codorus State Park
Lackwanna State Park
Archibald Pothole State Park
Prompton State Park
Varden Conservation Area
Delaware Canal State Park
Little Pine State Park
Upper Pine Bottom State Park
Hyner View State Park
Hyner Run State Park
Warrior's Path State Park
Buchanan's Birthplace State Park
Cowan's Gap State Park
Fowler's Hollow State Park
Colonel Denning State Park

New Dog Sport Titles Earned this year: 30 total!
Ein 13!
Rally Advanced (American Kennel Club)
Rally Excellent (American Kennel Club)
Rally Veteran  (World Cynosport Rally)
Rally Veteran Award of Excellence  (World Cynosport Rally)
Rally Level 2 (World Cynosport Rally)
Rally Level 2 Award of Excellence (World Cynosport Rally)
Rally Level 3  (World Cynosport Rally)
Rally Level 3 Award of Excellence  (World Cynosport Rally)
Rally Champion (World Cynosport Rally)
Rally Champion Excellent (World Cynosport Rally)
Rally Level 1 Championship (World Cynosport Rally)
Rally Level 2 Championship (World Cynosport Rally)
CPE Specialist Level 1 Fun (Canine Performance Events - Agility)

Molly 11!
Rally Level 1 (World Cynosport Rally)
CPE Level 1 Fun  (Canine Performance Events - Agility)
CPE Level 1 Standard (Canine Performance Events - Agility)
CPE Level 1 Handler (Canine Performance Events - Agility)
CPE Level 1 Strategy (Canine Performance Events - Agility)
CPE Level 2 Fun (Canine Performance Events - Agility)
CPE Level 2 Standard (Canine Performance Events - Agility)
CPE Level 2 Handler (Canine Performance Events - Agility)
CPE Level 2 Strategy (Canine Performance Events - Agility)
CPE Level 3 Fun (Canine Performance Events - Agility)
Novice Agility Jumpers (American Kennel Club)

Perri 6!
Rally Level 1
Rally Level 1 Award of Excellence
Canine Good Citizen (American Kennel Club)
Beginner Novice (American Kennel Club)
Companion Dog (Companion Dog Sports Program)
Therapy Dogs Incorporated (Certification.)

And of course through it all, I have been snapping photos...

Click "Read More" below to see half a million photos of our year!


Mason Dixon Trail Hike with all three dogs!

Perri comes to work with me while we fight her separation anxiety.

Molly RL1!

Perri gets spayed!

Ein gets a stab injury from stick fetching.  He heals.
Molly's first agility trial!  Let the NQ's begin (and the Q's too!)

Take my first hawk photo at Evansburg State Park

Perri graduates BabyDog Obedience school!
Ein earns his RL2 and begins competing in Veterans class!

We hike the AT, PA 501 to 645 with Paula and PJ!

We volunteer for Castaway Critters rescue to help clean up some puppy mill castaways (and photograph them!)

Somehow we sneak another foster dog under our roof, darling Vito!  

Molly earns her very first agility title, Level 1 Standard!  The bent title ribbon tells the story of our journey.

Codorus State Park!

A walk at the beautiful Lake Galena with our friends!

Perri finally begins to swim!

We hike the AT, PA 309 to "Tri County Corner"

I shave Smokey's beautiful hair off all over again.

Ein and I begin our quest for the Rally Champion title

Vince and I backpack the rest of the Maryland AT and end in Harpers Ferry, WV

We attempt to hike North from Lehigh Gap on the AT....

But take a side trail back down the mountain because we got eaten alive by nearly 200 ticks!

Perri earns her Beginner Novice title!

We try USDAA with minimal success, but we did get a few Q's!
Camping at Lackawanna State Park!  Dave Matthews Band concert!

Hiking...swimming...camp food!


We go to Glen Highland Farm for a few days with our friends! (Scary Dahlia!)
My idiots rip their feet up on the first day, but we tried our best to have a fun time!

Visit two more state parks on the way home (Varden Conservation Area and Prompton State Park.)

We hike PA 325 to PA 225 with our friends Katie and Bean

Molly finishes CPE Level 1 at last!

We visit Delaware Canal State Park and the enchanting "Giving Pond"
Ein blows my mind and plays agility at a CPE agility trial...and earns his Level 1 Specialist Fun title!

Hyner View State Park!  Hyner Run State Park!  Upper Pine Bottom State park...visited!

...while camping at Little Pine state park!
Ein does 12 Rally-o runs in two days and finally earns some Level 3 Q's!

The Yip and Dip!

Perri and I try and fail in AKC Novice Obedience...we will return when she has more confidence!

We hike South from Lehigh Gap on the AT into my favorite boulder field!

I shave Perri to her skin.  She learns "Sit Pretty"

The Fit of Many Crates

What a pair!

Perri and I hike Marsh Creek State Park

Re-visit Trough Creek State Park with my sister!

Cowans Gap, Buchanans Birthplace, Warriors Path...

Colenel Denning, Big Spring and Fowlers Hollow....!

Tried AKC agility. NQ'd spectacularly. Immediately sent in entry forms for more AKC trials.
I have a sickness.

Hawk Mountain Road to Tri County Corner! (This is Dan's Pulpit)

Cape May!
Visit the zoo with my sister!

Perri earns her CDSP Companion Dog in three trials and melts my heart!

We take the AT Pinnacle from the North (Hawk Mountain Road)

We start working on the Delaware Water Gap to Wind Gap Section of the AT...

...and get to see a bald eagle while out!

Perri gets certified with Therapy Dogs Incorporated!
Ein earns his Rally Champion Excellent!  His Rally Level 3 (and AOE!)

No words.

Molly earns her first AKC title, Novice Agility Jumpers!

Last hike of the year, on Christmas Eve!

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