Friday, December 27, 2013

Belated Christmas Torture!

It's the nearly (tortured souls) Christmas photo!  "Most improved" award this year goes to Molly.  She held her sit stay like a rock while I fooled around with the camera and took at least twenty different shots at different angles.  Compared to prior years where I had better get my business done in 3 seconds or else she was going to flop down and sigh or walk away?  I will take it!  As Molly grows older and our training increases, I am in awe of the dog she is becoming actually.  ANYWAY!

I wanted to post these on Christmas, but working 7:30am-12am the next day squashed that desire.  After a holiday double shift at the hospital, all I wanted to do was sleeeeeep.  The pups had a merry christmas of sleeping by the fire and eating things, as hosted by daddy in my absence.


You suck, Ma!!!

1 comment:

  1. ahahahaa yesss

    I can't decide which of them I like best. All the dogs' expressions in all the shots are just absolutely killing me.

    And now I am sad that I don't have a single dog who would put up with any one of those hats.