Saturday, December 21, 2013

Jet Transport

This is Jet!  Jet is my (probable) last transport of 2013 and what a bundle of energy!  Jet was being transported to his forever home in CT this evening, he will arrive at midnight.  He has come all the way from Texas where he was being fostered.  He spent this past week in Ohio with a temporary foster between transports and began his journey Home this morning.   Jet is only about a year old and he was freaking pumped.   He was absolutely sweet and loving but he pulled like a freight train and moved so fast that it was hard to not feel tired just looking at him!  I was grateful that I have a crate in my car!   He alternated settling down with whining and thumping around - his new family will have their hands full at midnight tonight that's for sure.  As you can see, he had on two different collars and my own slip lead - we did not want this guy to take off running and never be seen again.  Happy travels, Jet!

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