Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ein's Third CPE Agility Trial!

Some weekends, you just NQ a lot.  A whole lot.  That's what Molly and I did this weekend.  We got 7 NQs and 3 Qs.  More on that on tomorrow's post.  This post is about my Einey!

I entered Ein in Colors Level 1 and Standard Level 1 today.  He rocked both!  

We did Colors Level 1 first.  In Colors there are two mini courses over lapping one another.  You pick which course that you want to run and you have to stick with it.  I chose the square course for Ein.

Next was Standard Level 1.  I was a little nervous about this because he has not been on a dog walk since his flyoff in November.  I wasn't sure if he would be willing to get on a dogwalk.  He was!  He was a little rockstar and he flew right up and down that dogwalk like he had never had a problem with one!

This brings Ein up to needing: one more Standard Run and a Jackpot run to complete CPE Level 1.  Jackpot is not a class that I want to subject him to.  We are doing this for fun.  Ein doesn't have a great handle on distance work and it is not something that I care to work on with him.  If he could get the luck of a non-traditional jackpot, maybe.  But you don't know that until the day of the show.  The other Standard run should be cake.  

There is the 1000 Point Level 1 title!  Ein currently has 145 points towards that.  (You earn a certain amount of points for qualifying scores in Level 1 based on which class is entered and how many faults you receive.)
We will probably stick to Standard and Snooker since they give the highest point payoff for clean runs (25 points).  Snooker is hard with Molly, but with Ein it is really fun.

Back in June when Ein ran that course at Glen Highland Farm it was a tickling in my brain that he might trial in agility.  Now it is a reality, three times over.  I am amazed by him every time we go into the agility ring together.  I am grateful that CPE provides a teeter and weave free level so that he can be successful.  I am grateful for my little red dog and all that he gives me.

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