Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snow Frolic

If you are interested in half a ton of photos of my doggies playing in the snow, this is your post!  Ein is absent.  He came outside, slithered around and chomped up some snow, and then lay down and shivered.  So inside he went.  This shivering is a very new thing with Ein, he never used to get cold.  Lalalalalalaaaaaa can't hear you!  My dog is NOT turning 9 in March!

Snow shark loves her Jolly Ball!

Is that some sort of dance move?

Poodle is staring at my Jolly ball!

Why is it taking me years to get this handle ripped off??!


The pest comes a long and takes a nice chomp on Molly's neck!


Perri does a whole lot of prancing and yelling...


Perri finally gets Molly to play chase with her!

Run, poodle!



Where did her eyes go?!

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