Sunday, March 16, 2014

CPE Agility Trial @ DTCCC (Molly)

And now, Molly's version.

Molly was really, really good at the CPE trial.  I was floating on the success of the AKC Trial on Friday, I was feeling relaxed, I was feeling like I could trust my dog.  Molly is either running good on a day, or running bad.  When she is running good, I relax.  The reality is probably that my own incompetence snowballs into stress on both of our ends - whereas if we do well and I don't make any mistakes, I am feeling confidence and not stresy and therefore Molly is feeling good too.  Whatever the reason...

We started with Fullhouse!  We needed 25 points and got 28.  Not much to say.  Map, Video.  She dropped a bar because I set her up sloppy and was ahead of her, and it was just 0 points so oh well.
This is our second Level 5 leg  We only need three more legs to be done with Fullhouse for good.  That's amazing to me.

Next was Colors, our NQ of the day.  I chose the "Circle" course because I did not want to do the Aframe, because it contained the easier of the two weave entries, and because it did not contain a threadle.  It did contain a tunnel suck moment that I failed miserably (I needed to decelerate while moving laterally and all I did was slow down while continuing to move forward.  I pushed Molly into the wrong end of the tunnel (did not stop me from wailing her name in dismay, my trademark!)
Regardless, I was happy with it.  She got that tunnel/Aframe discrimination, she did her weaves without sneezing, and I was pretty happy with the jump serpentine after the 7 Tunnel.

Next up, Jackpot Level 4.  We are in the "big times" now, the hardest gambles.  Today's map was a Traditional Jackpot, so we point gathered (and jumped in a lap) and did our first ever high level gamble.  (After crashing into each other, followed by me full on running into her, d'oh!)
It was not the hardest one I have seen.  But we had to do a 180 over two jumps and not get sucked into the tunnel.  Then a tunnel send and a finish jump.  She held her line so well coming out of that tunnel and just flew over the Finish Jump.  I would love the chance to do more gambles, they are fun!

Ended the day with our second Standard Level 4 Q.  I really don't like Standard, we always struggle with it.  But this course was fun, with its challenges and discriminations, its Aframe two times and some silly moments between me and Molly.  Check the weave poles, "I'll do 'em.  But I'm doin' 'em SLOW."  
That needs work!

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