Monday, November 3, 2014

Tricks for Bored Pitbulls

Molly's agility class was cancelled tonight for a club meeting - not that she would have been able to attend anyway with the condition that her toenail is in.

This sucks.

Molly is starting to brim over with very irritating energy.  Her week typically consists of agility class, agility trials, sleeping, hiking and 1000mph fetch.  The past week has consisted of licking her foot, sleeping, licking her foot some more, sleeping some more, annoying Ein, licking her get the idea.  I never make enough time to play trick training so tonight I decided to just play around and work Molly's brain, since that is always a good way to whittle her Annoying Factor down a few notches.

We just played "You put this object into this container.", I have been wanting to get started on that with Molly for a while.  The video is Molly's second session of the evening.  We worked on it, then I did some house cleaning to give her a Thinking Break, and then we came back to it.  Molly loves anything involving the earning of food, her tail did not stop wagging!  She tried to pick the bowl up quite a bit...nope!  Try again, Molly!

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