Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I miss my SLR Camera.

For months I have been ignoring two problems with it that have been getting worse, and worse.  One is that my Go To 18-55mm lens no longer autofocuses.  That was the lens that I used for almost everything, including indoor "bitey face" shots and ribbon posing photos.  I found a blog instructional on disassembling the lens and fixing the teeny tiny cable that often snaps inside of these lenses, but I was stopped by lack of a proper teeny tiny screw driver to open the lens.

The even more troubling issue with my camera is that more and more often, when I press the shutter button, nothing happens.  Not good.  Usually letting off and re-pressing two or three times does the trick but all of this is enough to send me crying to my iPhone and away from taking the higher quality photos that I love.  It also means that there could be something very expensive wrong with the body of my camera.  I am definitely avoiding the weighty task of finding a good camera repair shop and actually facing what is wrong with my beloved Rebel.

In the meantime, I actually took a photo of Ein tonight with the camera.  To try to motivate myself get one of my favorite things in the entire world fixed and back to the land of the living.

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