Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Chewies

My dogs got a heap of stuffed toys from my family, they got a bunch of baked treats and training treats a well.  But I put in a special order on Amazon for my best corgi, because I know that all he wants is Nylabones.   Ein is a chewing fiend.  It is why his carnassials were both cracked, it is all he does all day long.  Every day he brings his Nylabone collection to his under-the-desk den, and every night he brings it downstairs to the finished basement, or upstairs under the bed so that he can keep watch on it overnight.  He brings me a Nylabone every day when I come home from work, he brings a Nylabone with him if he is barking at something or yelling at the girldogs while they wrestle.  Favorite doesn't even begin to cover it!

And at this point I am too tired to smoothly insert this awesome photo of Ein in a santa hat into the post, so I am just going to plop it right here and go to sleep.  Merry Christmas!

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