Thursday, December 18, 2014

Perri ITD

Earlier this week I was inspired (more details to come.) to finally mail in for Perri's Novice and Intermediate Trick Dog titles.  This year has been about building Perri up, and tricks were a definite part of that groundwork.

For Perri's Novice Trick Title we had to do 15 tricks chosen from the list provided on the application.  I made a little compilation video of the 15 that I chose.  Video editing and creativity is not my strong area, making these two videos was fun but it felt like a very enormous project.  Ha!

For Perri's Intermediate Trick Title we had to do 10 tricks "of intermediate level or higher".  We did 6 tricks in the intermediate category, and then two in the advanced category (Back Up, Scratchy Board) and one in the Expert category (Weave Poles.)  I also made a little video compliation of those tricks.  The weave pole clip is from a trial and hopelessly far away, but believe you me.  Perri does her poles!  If only I had the motivation and the intelligence to move a better clip of this from my laptop back onto my iPad.  Oh well...

The next level of trick dog titling is Advanced Trick Dog.  At this point Perri does not know enough of the tricks on the Advanced or Expert list to qualify.  She will need to learn five new tricks to do so.  My goal is: Turn Off the Light Switch, Cross Paws, Bring Tissue (Fetch Only), Act Ashamed (Hide Your Head) and Play Dead.   We are actually finished with play dead aside from needing to put it on cue - I think that one will be quite a hit on our therapy visits!  (Directed Retrieve is also on the Advanced Trick list.  I think it goes without saying that I would love for Perri to feel more confident with the dumbbell.  All in good time.  I think that revisiting picking up different objects with her mouth will help us in the right direction!

I have to laugh about Play Dead.  Ein knows it as "Bang!" with a hand cue of me pretending to shoot him with a finger gun.  But Ein always had very dramatic deaths.  Slamming onto the ground with several rolls away from me and growling all the way down to his grave.  Not going down without a fight!

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