Sunday, January 4, 2015

DTCCC Agility Fun Run

Molly and I went to our club's Agility Fun Run yesterday.  I did not feel on fire about it, like I did after last weekend's trial, but making myself look back at last year's Agility Fun Run on this same weekend (first of January) helped out a lot with perspective.

Molly did not really want to get off the couch yesterday morning.  I had to bribe her with treats and even then she took some extra begging.  I think that she was probably still tired from Thursday's hike - Molly does not have a whole lot of stamina and is my true couch potato.  I often have to beg her off the couch for a second day of agility trialing.  And once at the fun run, Molly was a lot more flat than I would have liked her to be.  Her weaves were so-so and a continuation of the demotivation that I had seen at last weekend's trial regarding the weaves.  No doubt about it, her enthusiasm is slipping.  Molly and the weave poles are going to need regular maintenance and I have definitely failed where that is concerned (the weather is not helping.)  Her poles weren't 100 percent terrible but this is not the performance that I was getting a few months ago.

Otherwise, I could see a definite improvement in my handling.  Molly's distance send is world's better than last year's fun run (though last year I was attempting a jump send from the opposite side of the dog walk with a very new and shaky Out! command, so.)  I did forget some of Master's course because I got a little flustered about Molly's weave poles.  In fact, it is not on the video but Molly was sneezing in the poles and that just made me all clouded and upset because it is something I was a little bit crushed to see at our own training facility.  And I did not even think of doing the Novice course, we did only Open and Masters.  After all, and this is a weird thing to say and think: we are not Novice anymore.  I am not a Novice handler.  I have worlds and worlds to go, but I definitely desired a tricky course and was pretty pleased at being able to work out how to handle it on my own.  (At the end of the Masters course I got on the wrong side of the teeter because I forgot where I was going.)



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