Thursday, February 26, 2015

Perri Versatility Excellent!

Late last December, I applied for Perri's "Versatility Excellent" certificate from Versatility in Poodles.  When I discovered VIP and read over the requirements for a Versatility Certificate, or a Versatility Excellent Certificate (there are two levels.), I was surprised to see that Perri was eligible for the VCX certificate.

The certificate is earned by a point system.  There are ten different categories: Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Agility, Hunt/Field, Working, Flyball/Scent Hurdles, Herding, Miscellaneous, Temperament Testing.  I have bolded the areas that Perri earned her points in.

Obedience we submitted Perri's CDSP CD and her AKC BN.
Rally we earned points for her WCRL RL1 and her AKC RN.
Agility we earned points for her AKC NA and NAJ as well as completing CPE Level One. (We don't have certificates for our current achievements in CPE.)
Working we earned points for Perri's therapy dog certification, her year of service and her achievement of the AKC Therapy Dog title (THD.)
Miscellaneous we earned points for Perri's Intermediate Trick Dog title.
Temperament Testing we earned points for Perri's Canine Good Citizen Advanced title.

Part of me wanted to wait until I could add higher level titles into a certificate like this.  But I went ahead and submitted it.   Because I was amazed in what we had accomplished in 2014.  I was amazed by the boost in Perri's confidence.  2014 was our first year as a therapy dog team, our first year as an agility team and it was a year of much growth towards our future as an obedience (and rally!) team.  Perri truly is a talented, complicated dog and I am lucky to be her friend.

I would love to earn AKC's VCD1 title: we have the NA and NAJ, we will need the CD and the TD.  I think Perri would adore tracking and it is on my To Do List.

And by the way, our selection of "hold" items is growing: magic eraser, sponge, toothbrush and now wooden spoon.  I only wish I had a chef's hat to perch on her head for this photo.

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