Monday, June 8, 2015

Weavin' Perri

Perri and I did a short channel weave session tonight.  I took a video.  This is a typical session with Perri.  It used to be tremendous amount of work for me to work her up into a playful mood like this.  I throw the ball several times before asking her to weave for it.  Perri does not just turn on to a toy, she has to be worked into play mode in order for the ball to be a motivator.  Stalking behavior on my part is crucial, as well as pretending that she got away from me with the ball.  Keep away is Perri's favorite part of the ball and just as much a part of the reward as getting the ball itself.  It was humid and hot today, I was glad that Perri chose to play along with me despite this!  One nice thing about video was that I could look and see if Perri's tail was up! rather than hanging low, and ... it was!

Badly in need of a bath and clipping!  Fuzzball.

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