Saturday, October 24, 2015

October Cynosport Rally Trial

Today Ein and I went to the K9Jym for the big Halloween rally-o trial that we usually go to every year.  Last year we were of course in Veterans class only, but this year we were trying for a Level 2 and 3 QQ!

We did Level 2 first and Ein was high on life in the ring and working happy and we got a perfect 210!  It still makes my brain spin that Ein is throwing such high scores when we used to struggle so much just to break 195.  Awesome!  Ein earned a first place in a really big class and there were quite a few perfect scores - we were just the fastest!  (Each run is timed in Cynosport.)
Level 3 we lost a point because Ein "lagged" in a down and didn't start heeling with me.  I think he thought he was supposed to be in a stay!  And then we lost half of our bonus points because Ein did not do the "back up" portion of "Call Front-Back Up 3 Steps."  A reminder that I actually need to train that exercise.  I am truly not competitive, but I felt a little sad that a hole in Ein's training kept us out of the ribbons.  Not to be so negative, Ein's entire run he was just as on fire as he was in Level 2.  I love doing rally with my boy!!!  He is so happy!
(We did start working on the "backing up out of a front" when we got home.  I think he will have all ten of those bonus points next time we see this at a trial, no problem.)

This trial always has a costume contest in between Trial 1 and 2, so I bought Ein a silly sombrero on my way to the trial.  There are some seriously creative costumes every year at this trial: my favorite this year was three terriers dressed up like peas and placed inside of a green painted box.  They won "Most Creative."

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