Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Weekend CPE Agility

Molly and I played CPE Agility this weekend: Friday night and Sunday.  With an unpleasant double shift at the hospital on Saturday in the middle.

Friday night was "pajama night", which was completely fun!  A lot of people participated, including myself (with fuzzy green pajama pants with pigs all over them.)  We played Colors first and Molly was wild and crazy and we NQd with an off course in short order!   Snooker was next and our teamwork was much better and we qualified.   Our last Snooker Q towards the C-ATCH2!   My favorite part of this run was Molly picking up the speed in the weaves.  Be still my heart!

Sunday we returned and played Wildcard first.  More fast weaves from Molly!  Could this be a turning point??

Colors next with some sad weaves and an A-frame fly off, but I was generally happy with our teamwork and Molly's speed!   I can't quite figure out why she flew off the A-frame.   She was striding very nicely over it and did not seem stressed, for some reason she didn't throw in the extra stride that usually carries her deep into the contact zone.   


Standard was reliably my heartbreak of the weekend!  I had myself whipped up into a neurotic frenzy over the A-frame fly off and an off course tunnel opportunity in the beginning of the course, and was not running with proper focus!  After the first pass through the weaves my brain decided that a jump was the next thing in the course.  It was...not.  It was the teeter!  An otherwise gorgeous run turned NQ with a wrong course fault.  Always Standard!!!  I can also see my increased (ridiculous) stress because I was turning into Molly while she was weaving.  Tsk, tsk.  Note the beautiful to-the-bottom running A-frame, though with air time over the top.  Love!

Last was Jackpot which we have just about as many legs in as Fullhouse, but I entered it anyway!  Molly did the old "choking on string cheese" routine (again.).  She was acting stressy and weird, but kept running well enough, and you can see on our attempt at the Gamble she stops after a tunnel and pauses, she was hacking and chewing and thankfully did not spit the cheese out on the course!  We qualified with exactly enough points and Molly was completely winded with red ears.  She must have been having difficulty getting air into her lungs with that cheese lodged in there.  I truly had no idea what was going on until she started coughing.

Much to be happy about during my weekend with Molly.  I was bummed to not snag a Standard Q, especially for such a dumb reason.  But Molly is infectious with her joy for me, I am so proud of her powerhouse style and love where we are as a team.  We need five more Standards for our C-ATCH2 and we will focus only on CPE for the rest of the year.  There are a fair amount of trials coming up, and many of them have days offering two Standard runs.  If we don't get it this year, as ever, that's fine!  To be honest, working towards Molly's second C-ATCH is bringing me a lot of joy to distract me from feeling sad that Perri is sidelined right now, and I am grateful for that.  Joy.  Molly has an unlimited supply.  My respect for all she has to give to me grows deeper every day.  Meatballs are all she requests in return.

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