Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Perri's 6 Week Progress Check

Today was mine and Perri's big day!   Dr P checked Perri's wrist and elbow first and then moved to the shoulder.   She said, "Wow this feels great!"  I noticed that when she was pressing those trigger areas on Perri's triceps, the muscle was calm.  At our initial evaluation, the soft tissue was spasming badly, you could see that easily.  Huge difference!

Both of Perri's shoulders were measured - 26cm on the right side and 28cm on the left.   She gained 3cm on the bad shoulder!  (Her initial measurements were 23cm on the right and 26cm on the left.)  Much improved!   Dr P was very very happy with this!

Then we had the shoulder abduction test.   Wow, what a difference.  Perri's arm did not pull away from her body at all compared to last time, it was so tight!  I can't believe how much better it looked from last time.

Dr P says that Perri's shoulder looks and feels absolutely great.  But, she told me that this is a very finicky injury.  She asked me what my goals were for Perri.  I told her that off leash hiking is my priority and that I would like to return to agility.

Moving forward, we are allowed to discontinue many of our daily exercises.   Cookie stretches need to continue at least one time a day, for Perri's life time.  We are allowed to increase the time of our leash walks by five minutes per walk.  We are allowed to go walking in the woods for these walks, uneven surfaces within reason are okay (such as roots or small rocks.).  No steep downhill, no sharp 90 degree turns.   Stay on the leash.  Underwater treadmill every other week, or every week if I am able to.   After six more UWTM sessions, she would like to re-evaluate Perri and by then she would like to see us up to an hour of leash walking.  We are to do wide loopy figure 8 patterns on our walks, but no tight turning.

I am so head in the clouds happy right now.  So happy!!!!!!  Cannot wait for this weekend, to take Perri for our first walk in the woods in over 9 weeks!

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