Saturday, January 2, 2016

DTCCC Fun Run January 2016

The "agility gods" must have seen that I needed a pick me up, because Molly and I had a really nice little day at our club's fun run today!  We did two runs and I chose to do the Masters level course (you could choose Novice, Open, Masters.)  We ran it two times, and the second time I was able to smooth over some minor handling issues that I was having!

The first run Molly was pumped, she was really fast and flying high and was apparently very fun to watch!  And somehow I managed to handle her on the course albeit with two bobbles (though not outright wrong courses or refusals, just bobbles.)   She got her weave entry and did fast weaves, and of course did all of her contacts.

The second run is on the video.   The two areas we had our bobbles in the first run was a lack of decel on my part after the teeter (we nearly had a wrong course.) and after the first tunnel I wasn't signally the next jump properly.   I was making it much harder than it had to be and a simple little push worked well enough to get the job done.  I pushed myself out of my comfort zone with front crosses on both runs and I feel really great about her ability to read them - she's watching me, and I am trying my best to be "early" enough.

I wish I had our first run on video, we were on fire!

My favorite part of today was our car ride to and from the training center.  No stress panting and shaking!!  We are clear of prednisone and Molly is back to feeling relaxed in the car.   I put her Thundershirt on for the ride to DTCCC, but the ride back she went "naked" and was happy and calm.  Day made!

The only negative thing of the day was that when I expressed Molly's anal glands this evening, the left one was empty but the right one had fluid in and it was dark red.   So, still infection and blood in there.  She is on a stronger antibiotic since Monday night...hopefully it needs a little more time.  It is good to be off of agility trials while we are getting this infection straightened out.  I also need to be more faithful with warm compresses to the hind end for Molly, maybe that will help the drugs with healing this infection once and for all!

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