Saturday, March 12, 2016

Catch Up, Hiking, Life is Grand!

Perri and I have been enjoying a lot of hiking recently.  I so love hiking with Perri and the feeling is mutual!  Spring has been off to an early start and we just can't walk enough miles - it is probably time for some backpacking because I can't get enough of being outdoors!

Last weekend Ein had an obedience match at a new-to-us training center, so we did some hiking around the area afterwards.   It was thankfully quite cool outside and Ein was able to relax in the crate with a bowl of water and some snacks while Perri and I hiked.   I tried to take him walking but his left rear leg was bothering him after not even a mile - shaking and he was favoring it very obviously.
(The Obedience match was our last before we actually trial in Novice Obedience and it went pretty well!   Flawless stand for exam.   Some anticipation on the judge's "forward" command on his heeling, with Ein blasting off without me!   Lovely Figure 8.   Lovely recall and finish.   Some stress on the heel free when the door to the quiet training building slammed open and there was some commotion.  I am not too worried about that - there is no sense fretting over Ein's stress levels.   The best thing I can do to help him be confident in the ring is to be a confident handler.

Anyway, our hiking!   On Sunday we went to a frisbee golf park and found all of the geocaches there, that gave us about a mile.

Then we discovered a fascinating little outdoor art enclave created by students at the local college.  The Lehigh Valley Millennial Folk Art Enclave.   It was incredible!   They even had a throne for Perri to perch on!


Too cool right!   It's not every day I find something t his fascinating out in the woods.   Totally made my day.

Even had a dream catcher tree.   I asked Perri to pose dramatically next to it.

Fast forward to Thursday and I was sent home early for work because of a slow day so out to the Gamelands for Perri and I!   This time we stayed close to French Creek State Park and found a "multi cache" that took us several hours of hiking on both trail and through brush.

I bought this dog back for Perri well over a year ago, for backpacking, but since we have not backpacked....we have not used it!   I plan to do at least one or two overnights in the woods with a friend this year, so Perri will need to get used to her pack.   I thought Thursday would be a good day to get started.  Perri acted like she could not walk at first (she does not even really like her harness) - but eventually hiked with the empty pack on as though she had nothing on at all.

I selfishly left Molly at home for this hike.  It was a hot day (for Molly), 81 degrees and I knew she would do her "boat anchor" routine before long.   The non-selfish reason, and deciding factor, in my leaving Molly at home was that there was an outdoor shooting range next to the parking area for this Gameland.   Molly is very gun shy and would have been miserable and afraid if I had brought her.   For as many worries and strange fears as Perri has, she could not care less about gun shots.   Dogs, who can understand them!

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

After our hike we stopped off at the State Park for some lake swimming and fetch!   Perri is happy to retrieve her ball!  

We tried some off the dock work but Perri was reluctant to jump off even the side of the dock.   There was a spot where she could jump from the side and into shallow water and we did work up to that - so there is hope!

And then she got cold and shivery and "can we go home now?".   We found the lei in a geocache and she wore it the rest of our hike and into the lake - funny!

And Friday, there was rest!

But today, there was the Appalachian Trail!   I had been wait-listed for an AKC agility trial for today, but did not get in.   My friend told me she was meeting someone to go hiking and asked me if I was free to go along...I sure was!   We met up and climbed "cardiac hill" from the Hamburg Reservoir to the "spectacular Pinnacle".   It was a gorgeous day in the low 60s and although I was bummed initially  to not get into that agility trial, I was way happier to be out hiking!  The day was made for it.

Pulpit Rock

The Spectacular Pinnacle (the trail guidebook calls it "spectacular" and I have always loved that.)

Rock Poodle!

So, we are caught up on our outdoor adventures!  Looking forwards to more.

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  1. These pictures of Perri's adventure up at the Lehigh Millennium Folk Arch and Art Enclave are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing!