Saturday, April 2, 2016

Perri Returns to Agility Trials!

Last night was the night.  Perri returned to agility trialing.  I didn't know what she would do.   Would she stress down?  Would she hurt herself again? (crazy worrying.)  Would she be happy to return?

The club local to here often does two-run Friday evening trials to kick off their trial weekend.  I love those Friday night trials so I signed Perri up for both runs.   We will also run tomorrow, with Molly in attendance.   But the Friday night was all Perri and I, I wanted to focus on her and her alone.

We did Fullhouse first.  Fullhouse is a good stress reliever since it is simply a game where you must collect points (at Level 4 you need 25, and of those 25 you must get three 1 point obstacles, two 3 point obstacles and one 5 point obstacle and make up the excess wherever you want.)  Things went very well!   We had a little argument about the triple jump but I just kept things flowing and we got her first Qualifying score since September with 34 points and a happy, happy poodle!   To say I was walking around with my head in the clouds was an understatement!

Standard was next.   I don't really stress out on Standard when I am running Perri.  In fact, hardly at all.   But...there were the weaves.   This particular judge did that CPE thing where they can split the 12 weaves into two separate sections of 6.   That was kind of nice for re-introducing Perri back to weaving at a trial.  I wish I had a video of our run!   She was 3.7yps (very fast for Perri!), she nailed both weave entries and stayed in, and she was flying fast and happy.   

My girl is back!!  Sweetest night of 2016 so far.  I don't have a lot of words about last night, but it was beautiful.   I couldn't peel the smile off of my face.  I missed running my girl, so very badly.

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