Monday, January 30, 2017

Bad Gland on the Front End

Molly has had a lump in her throat since November.   It is the size of a small grape, it is to the right of her windpipe and I hate it.   Initially I thought it was a swollen lymph node and that it would go away.   It did not go away and so it was off to the vet to end the avoidance behavior I was indulging in.

The vet suspects an issue with one of three things: Molly's thyroid, a lymph node or a salivary gland.   He feels the salivary gland is most likely.   When he did a fine needle aspirate he said it felt "crunchy" and said we may be looking at some calcification.   He asked me to watch Molly eat and see if she drools or smacks her lips excessively.   I have not noticed anything like that but I am going to take a video of her eating her dinner, just so I have it on record.

Molly also had bloodwork done so that we can see if there any abnormalities that might point to a thyroid condition or some reason her lymph node would be so swollen.   Molly has been tested for hypothyroid in 2014, when she was gaining weight and taking on her characteristic laziness.   This was years ago, and she showed normal thyroid function at that time.   Turned out the weight gain was from Vince over feeding her (doubling her meal portion!) and giving her high calorie Kongs.   Molly is up to 66 pounds currently - her weight was 69 pounds the last time I was concerned about hypothyroid.  The Kongs we feed are generally some leftovers, plain yogurt and high quality wet canned dog food and I cut down on the kibble amount to accommodate - we also sized down the Kong she uses (now a Large instead of an X-Large).   So, Molly could stand to lose some weight but it doesn't make much sense that she has gained any at all.   Hmm.

So, we wait.    Two days.   Then we get an answer.

Molly's waiting room behavior was so good.    There was a large black lab there with a plastic cone on, wiggling and jumping around - years ago this would have been a major trigger for Molly but she just saw it and looked at me for her treat.   I always take a pocket full of Charlee Bears for Molly when we go to the vet (haha what about that weight gain??) to reward her good behavior.   I am very proud of Molly's waiting room behavior because it is something that used to be terrible and it is something we have worked hard on - and sadly had the opportunity to practice a lot.   Poor Molly is at the vet more than the other dogs by a long stretch.

Molly was also calm and well behaved for everything in the exam room.   She was poked and prodded, she stood still without restraint to have her heart listened to.   They took her in the back for that fine needle aspirate and the vet complimented how perfectly still she stood for the whole thing.   I was very flattered and very proud of my girl.   Now I just want some answers for what's going on...and hopefully it will be good news.   Two days is a long time to wait.

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