Friday, January 12, 2018

Molly AX AXJ!!

Today I took Molly to our first agility trial of the year to give those final AKC Excellent legs we need another "good ol college try." We have been working on our Excellent titles for an almost comical amount of time, mostly owing to our weave pole journey and playing AKC a lot less than we have in the past.

Still, every now and then I get the urge! Since last Spring Molly has been standing at needing one Standard and one JWW leg each. Spoiler alert: she nailed them both today!!!

Here is our standard run, I was struggling with pressure in the weaves and she hangs in there and keeps going for me. I also felt those dog walk blowing sparks from her, but again she chose to stay on there and get a big old Q and first in her class.....and her AX title!!

No video for JWW but I did a lot better in the weaves and of course she was feeling great about that and did some nice weaves to thank me! A lot of panting in the ring. Her walking exercise has been little to nothing due to a length cold snap in our area, and it showed. There was also gunshot in the distance and while the piano music playing loud in the car kept her happy in their, she wouldn't even poop at the trial site because she was stressed about the shooting. I am not so sure her panting in the ring wasn't in part due to residual stress.(she was relaxed inside the building since she could not hear the shooting.)

Any further AKC agility trialing that we do, Molly will move into the Preferred 16" track for Masters. She will never jump 20" again! Though Molly does 16" in every other venue we run in, it was a little bittersweet to officially say that today was her last run at her full height.

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