Monday, August 13, 2018

August AKC Agility

Molly and I haven't played AKC Agility since January of this year when she earned her Excellent titles. Though I don't have any titling goals in AKC anymore, I could not resist trying a new and very local to me trial site that a club was trying out for the first time. Molly and I are sort of coasting and dare I say semi retired, but we still love to get out and play and I wanted to support the club's decision to use this trial site! Molly is now in Masters, finally out of Excellent, and dropped to Preferred 16" of course.

I chose to enter FAST since I knew Molly would likely not have to weave in that course, and Standard just because the contacts break the course up and Molly loves them. She would have to weave though and after June's weave stress issues I was not sure how things would go. We have been doing light amounts of motivational weave work.

FAST was a moment of reflection for me. A month or so ago my agility instructor not too kindly pointed out that I do not focus well before my runs and then I forget the course. While I could have been embarrassed and perhaps angry with her for pointing out something that was hard to hear, I had to allow that this was very true. And I wanted to grow away from it. I have been working hard on focusing and not chit chatting before I run agility. I am not good at focusing. Not at all. Not even a little bit. But it has been helpful. The awareness and the trying. I still do stupid things, I probably always will, but it's helping. It is a process. Anyway. In FAST I was chit chatting and not focusing and so I found myself 100% not where I belonged to handle something in Molly's plan and well, it didn't go right! Regardless Molly got to run around and take obstacles and enjoy herself. Just a learning moment for me.

Standard was a bit of a clusterfluff. Ridiculous hand flailing, dog walk blowing, weave pole entry missed (but a nice recovery with no stress! that alone made me happy!), and poor handling on a backside and a turn but ... hey. We're just happy to be there??

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