Tuesday, August 7, 2018

UKI Speedstakes

My agility training club hosted our first UKI Agility trial this evening. I love weekday evening trials! We offered Masters Series, which I did not enter Molly in and Speedstakes. I have never done Speedstakes with Molly as it hasn't been convenient or offered any of the times we have run UKI. But I knew she would love it. Wide open lines and only jumps and tunnels? Yes please!

I volunteered for the lovely task of ring manager as well as timing/scribing every class except the one I was running in. I had Perri and Zorro in the car in addition to Molly and also to just keep everything really exciting a horrendous thunderstorm rolled in. And I was working out of my car! I don't often run my car at trials but when I saw the black sky rolling towards the trial site I put all the windows up, turned the AC up to high and put both battery operated fans on Molly's crate (to drown out the noise) and hoped for the best while I went inside to scribe the Speedstakes Senior/Champ class. It amazed me how many dogs in the trial ran with no problems or without noticing the storm!

We got very lucky and the storm died down in time for Molly's run (and the potty break necessary before it.) though there were still rumbles. I used her highest value reward, the chuckit ball, to amp her up before her run. We played a little fetch in the off leash area and I kept her focused on and enjoying it ringside instead of our normal food. We got a Q at 4.63 yps and as the only 16" select dog, first place! Not bad for an ol' girl!

Zorro was able to do some meeting people and even a few appropriate adult dogs. He played some chase with Perri in the off leash area (and was a little overwhelmed at Perri in a wide open field versus a hiking trail or our small back yard. That girl can really get a lot of ground speed!)I got a bit more interest out of Zorro for toy play in a trial atmosphere, though he was highly distracted by anybody with food or giving their dog food. I was pleased that I was able to direct him onto a toy in those times. Work in progress!

Great night and we even got a "Q" cookie for some pitbull torture to end the evening with.

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