Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blue Power Ear Wash - Day the First

The day that I brought Perri home her ears were yeasty, gunky, smelly and hairy.  I cleaned them out on the first day, and received drops from the vet for yeast infection.  I plucked her ears nice and clean of hair.  The issue hasn't resolved.  Her ears have been painful and she does a lot of head shaking, and the ears gunk back up.  I always look to blame diet for any issue, but Molly and Ein have sparkling clean ears.

A poodle-savvy friend suggested Blue Power Ear Treatment way back when I first complained about the gunky ears.  I resolved that if the vet-given ear drops did not clear things up, I would give the holistic ear wash a try.  Blue Power Ear Treatment is hailed to have produced favorable results in dogs with chronic ear problems.  I know by experience, both mine and other people's, that ear infections seem very difficult to clear up with antibiotics, especially for floppy eared dogs.  (It is important to have a dog vet checked whenever there are ear problems however, to rule out deeper issues - such as a punctured ear drum - before administering any sort of treatment.)  

I finally began gathering ingredients.  The alcohol was simple to find.  The Boric Acid Powder was difficult, but I found it at the third place that I searched.  The Gentian Violet?  Got me a few looks like I had three heads.  I finally scored it at a locally owned pharmacy across from the hospital that I work at. (this particular pharmacy sells EVERYTHING.  From potty chairs to groceries to obscure items like Gentian Violet.)

Mix up was easy aside from being super careful that I did not get the gentian violet on ANYTHING.  It stains very readily.  I took my victim into the front yard and, per directions, flushed both ears twice without massaging.  (this is for the first day of treatment.)  Perri flapped her head and rolled all around in the grass and leaves.  Why would I do something like that to her?  She has been such a good poodle!

Wet and Shaken Poodle enters the Blue Power program.

We have to do another bilateral ear flushing later today.  Following that, the next two weeks will be a flush and massage.  Saturday I am allowed to clean the gunk out of her ears.  If what I have read is correct, she should be feeling a whole lot better just in a few days.  I also found (online) that diluted apple cider vinegar is well spoken of as another way to clear up ear problems, which is very interesting and useful.

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