Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dawson Goes Home! and Other Crazy Things


  Today was Dawson's last day with us, we are back to a three dog home.  Dawson was a pleasant and snuggly house guest, and really barely any trouble at all.

One little problem: Dawson thinks that pooping in the yard is pretty lame.  He would rather poop on my living room floor.  NOPE SORRY.

For his final day, I crated Dawson since he refused to poop during morning potty time.  I came home to find him completely buried in a towel nest inside of the crate, he did not seem to mind it in the least.  I had some spare time before meeting my mother to do the Dachshund Handoff, so I took all four dogs to my favorite low traffic park for some fetch and general off lead mayhem.

Look!  Sweet Success!  It only took forty five minutes :)

Meanwhile, some other dogs are pretty crazy.
Searching for pheasant body parts and raccoon poop.

Ein is revved.  He wants me to throw the ball!


Oh, nothing.  Just laying here looking like a cutie.

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