Friday, November 2, 2012

Filthy Roundworms!

Perri had an (increasingly rare) accident today.  A poop in the dining room.  Oops!  Vince had the joy of cleaning it all up, and told me that there were "string-like noodle things" in the poop.  That...didn't sound good.

Perri's after work poop confirmed it.  WORMS.  The vet was still open for the evening, so we hopped in the car and went on over for some medicine.  We weighed Perri and she is now a whole 33 pounds.  She snacked down the dewormer in her evening meal, so hopefully she will be as good as new.

The vet tech told me that Perri may have had worms for as long as I have had her, and she is now in a "shedding phase".  We did a worm test on Perri's stool back in August, but I was told that they may not have shown at that time.

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