Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lancaster County Central Park Hike

I got together with my sister, Glenna, for some lunch and a hike at Lancaster County Central Park.  Hiking at a popular park on the weekends is a little bit tricky, especially when you share the company of five dogs.  I always mean to sneak out of the house less one or two dogs, but somehow all three made it into the car today.   (This is not the first time that this has happened.  I can't say no to pleading brown eyes.)
And then we super-sized by picking Glenna, Everett and Deanna up and hitting the trail!

First thing was first, pile into the creek!

Perri loves to BITE! BITE!

Ein likes to just lay down and look cute!

"Water is for idiots!"

The girls had their normal screaming serenade while I took a bathroom break.

Flying ears!  Flying lips!


Chaos...pure chaos.

Molly feels a mild irritant on her left side...


Goodbye, Trail.

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