Thursday, December 20, 2012

Corgi Mail!

"Did you say Pose?"
Every Christmas, I organize a gift swap on Livejournal's Corgi Love Community.  It is as much a part of my holiday as gift shopping and chocolate chip cookies.  I cruelly never involve Molly in a gift swap, mostly because she is content to eat half burnt food and grass clippings.

Ein, on the other hand, is completely adorable with his possessions.  He treasures them.  And he could totally sniff through this cardboard box that something was in there besides another boring book.

Please stop teasing me and hand them over!


I am kind of in love with the following two photos.  He looks like a proper Obedience Dog, holding things in his mouth for photos.  In fact, he has never really done this before.  I just love my Wee Red Dog!

Squirreled away in his bed.

The filthy sisters were allowed to have a liiiiiitle treat.  Definitely not the toys!

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