Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cape May 2012

And when I said that I would update this blog daily, I meant WEEKLY.  Oops!  Well, I will make it up by a big photo post of mine and the Husband's anniversary visit to Cape May, NJ.  We stayed at a little place called The Roost.  The Roost is dog friendly, cozy, and a book lovers paradise.  There is also a chicken coop out back, so I had to be extra vigilant of the Craigslist Chicken Killer.

"Where are you going to sit?  Not our problem."

Super Cozy.  I did manage to squeeze a tiny spot in the middle of those dogs.  In fact, Molly even had to sit on A CHAIR.  I know, I am so mean. (not pictured)

Most exciting thing about this trip was that Perri would get to see the beach for the first time.  Taking dogs to the beach is easily one of my favorite things to do.  The total freedom, large amount of dead stuff, and the excitement of making sure that they don't drink salt water really makes for an endlessly fun experience!

No really, I do love it.  Perri thought the waves were EVIL, but she enjoyed chasing birds (that she will never catch.)  Chasing Molly (that she WILL catch but not know what to do with.)  And digging in sand.  (Not much to say about that.)  Perri seemed to know better than to drink salt water.  Smart poodle is smart.  Did I mention how much I love this breed?

Sit-Stay for a pretty beach picture wasn't working out so well.  All eyes were on Molly.

Husband Vince and his Girls.


Poised atop the sand dune....then POUNCING on top of Molly or Ein.

We were playing some nice fetch.  And then Ein stole the stick and growled at anyone who got near.  Oh well.

Meeting of the minds?

Up Up and Away!

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