Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Dogs are Gross.

On Monday I took the dogs out to "the Ironstone".  The Ironstone is a small park that has a large field alongside of a creek.  It is used pretty often on week days for off leash dog exercise, and since I have no yard, I love to take advantage.

Unfortunately, it is hunting season.  Some kind hunter dumped a carcass in the park.  So thoughtful!  Now my dogs had a decapitated deer leg and decomposing sludge to roll in.  They were SO thankful, it was like Christmas for them.  
(Me?  VERY unimpressed.)

Mr. So-Pleased-With-Himself

Meanwhile, Molly is busy fetching and Perri is busy biting!

Then a dip in the creek!

Someone got the dead deer washed off of his head.

Wheeee!  Nice Spring day!

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