Thursday, July 9, 2015

Geocaching Nerdtimes

How to have an awesome birthday...

1. Take OFF work!
2. Go to the chiropractor so that he can fix your horrible sore neck and misaligned C4 vertebrae (oh lucky me!)
3. Take your best corgi out on a geocaching mini road trip.

4. Become seized by a mania that I must reach 800 finds today! 
5. Priorities: corgi gets to go for a swim in a park creek.

6. Einey and I found 19 geocaches today.  We needed to find 21.   Still, 19 is a respectable was a day out with my best boy, going to this park or that and taking a bunch of short walks together.  Towards the end we had to settle for the dreaded shopping center geocaches.  

7. I've lost my "How To" story telling style here.  Oh well!  As if that was not enough, "Go to your first geocaching event!" goes on this list as well.  I ran out of time finding geocaches because I had to be at my first Geocaching Event at 4pm!  This event was a picnic preceded by a hike to the oldest geocache hidden in Hibernia County Park.  Count me in!  I thought it would be fun.  I swapped dogs, Ein for Perri.  Perri is much more of a social butterfly.


My new t-shirt!
8. We found the Hibernia Hide.  The event itself was a "find".  We found two more geocaches on the way home, which brought my find total up to 799.  I wanted my 800th find to be a woodsy geocache, so we parked at another county park on the way home and started the .4 mile hike in...  And heard thunder in the distance that meant business.

9.  Since I am now older at 31 years old and wiser (ha!) I turned around and went back to the car.  One geocache short.  Minutes later for my drive home it was raining so hard I could not even see to drive!  There was a time when I would have stubbornly pressed on and gotten caught in the rain...  But #800 can wait.  Just like dog training, "it's the journey, not the destination."  And while all the rushing and cramming and number building geocaching today was all for nothing (wanting to make 800 on my birthday.), we sure did have a fun time.  And that is the whole point!

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