Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July Chiro Adjustments

I took both Perri and Molly to visit the chiropractor (DG) this evening.  Perri has visited this chiro one time in the past, in May when we learned of her shoulder strain.  Molly has never visited this chiro, she has visited a chiropractor one time in her agility career and that was back in 2013 before we had done much trialing at all.  And that chiropractor was not nearly as dog-knowledgeable as DG.  I did not take the dogs this evening due to any specific problem, but more out of the fact that Perri was so banged up at our last visit and the only indication was popping the weave poles.  No limp.  I want to stay on top of things better, my dogs deserve that.

Perri went first:
Her jaw and neck were jammed, has she had a face plant?  Actually, yes!  The Sunday of the CPE trial, July 20th Perri was so fired up in Jumpers.  The last tunnel of the course I remember her entering it hard and I remember a thud as well as a delay in her exiting.  It was brief but I didn't like it and I remember thinking, "What if I go to her crate and she is paralyzed?!"  (Why no, I'm not a worrier or anything...)  Faceplant, absolutely.  And it was the very next day in class when she refused the chute.  Hmmmm.

Perri is in good shape besides that.  When the adjustment was over DG looked at Perri and asked her, "Oh I'm not done yet?" and felt her pubic symphysis on her pelvis.  It was shifted.  DG asked me, "Has she been leaking urine?"
Actually, yes.  Quite some time ago Perri had a problem with bed wetting overnight.  We cut her water supply off at 9pm and the problem resolved.  Until the last week.  Two episodes of bed wetting within the last week.  I blamed Vince (who stays up later than me.) for not watching her water consumption in the evening but what a surprise to be asked this!
DG also remarked that Perri's muscle tone and overall appearance has improved.  The only change that I have made is to give Perri probiotic powder in her food, and it has made a definite difference.

Molly was next.  And can you believe it, that dog barely had a single thing out of alignment?  One old misalignment in her lumbar that DG says does not seem to be bothering her at all (truth!).  She praised Molly's confirmation and said she is very robust and healthy and has a good nervous system.  She is put together well.  She likened Molly's crazy crashing around to a drunk driver in a car accident - they never get hurt because they are so relaxed during the crashing.  That's my girl!  I was relieved.  I have to admit I have been afraid to have anybody put hands on Molly, so worried that she would have some horrible injury that she has been hiding.

And with a clear bill of health and my robust drunk driver dog, we head into our Gold Spot in the Fenzi Academy foundation weave class, starting this Saturday.  I am as tenacious as a pitbull, that my pitbull will learn to love weave poles at trials.

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