Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lake Day Friday

Catching up from the weekend....before I get a week behind!

On Friday we enjoyed a family day hiking at St. Peter's Village and picnicking at French Creek State Park.  I made the decision to bring only one dog, and that dog was Perri.  I have always wanted the perfect "bring along" dog, and Perri is nearly perfect for that job.  Ein is well mannered off leash and loves to hike and swim, but he is not very social.  Molly...is just annoying!  She gets tired easily and then becomes mopey and frustrated.  Aside from Perri's alert barking, she is the perfect dog to just "do whatever" with all day long.

We started with hiking at "St. Pete's" and Perri was polite off leash with nice recall and impressive rock climbing skills.  She reminded me that she is not Perfect Poodle Perri but finding a horrible swamp to wallow in.  The leash went back on to prevent her from rubbing herself on anybody's clean clothes!

One of my favorite things about St. Pete's is there is always new graffiti to look at.

It was time for lunch so we found a little locally owned deli.  I was pleasantly surprised that outdoor dining was available and Perri was welcomed to sit with us!  (I had planned to just wait in the truck while everyone ate.  Having a dog with me is worth it.)   Perri was very polite with no alert barking and no jumping on the table for food.

We went to French Creek State Park and visited the "Hopewell Furnace".  Perri practiced her "hop up on this and pose."  I often ask Perri to jump up onto things and walk along them, or pose for a photo.  Confidence building!

And then Perri's favorite part....the lake!


And afterwards...there was much grilling and feasting.  Perri snuggled into the inflatable boat (and was later joined by my two youngest nieces.) for a little nap.  12 hours of summer outdoor fun.  Paradise.

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