Tuesday, September 15, 2015

C-ATCHitis is back

The girldogs and I played CPE agility this weekend with Y2K9s at a brand new trial site, both to us and to CPE trials.

We started with a Non Traditional Jackpot game, "Snakes and Ladders".   You had to collect all three of the "snakes" (tunnels pointed at 2-4-6) before the buzzer and a "Ladder" after the buzzer pointed at 8 points (you could do the A-frame, the Dog Walk or the combo jump.)   Molly was a little keyed up being at a new trial site, and I changed my plan at the last minute so we were a little uncoordinated in the beginning.   Still, we got all of our "snakes" and of course I chose the jump combo for our ladder.  Molly is reliable with leaving her bars up!

Standard was next for both girls.  They surprised me by qualifying, both of them!  A coveted Standard Q, Molly's third towards her C-ATCH2!  Molly's run was a little hair raising for me (I absolutely hate tunnel traps at the end of the dog walk, hate it!)

Perri's was a little bit more tame but we did have a weave pole pop.  I chose to put her back in where she popped out, you can do that in CPE.   I was very proud of her for continuing to run happily after "a mistake".

Molly got to take a break for the next two classes, Wildcard and Snooker.   I ran those classes with Perri and she was suddenly major sad poodle.   She qualified in both classes, but she was barely under time in Wildcard and had a weave pop.  In Snooker she did earn 37 points but did not make it through the closing (we got through 6.)   I'm not sure what caused her to crash like that, but it might have been the very noisy crating area at a new place.  When the buzzer rang in Snooker Perri was about three feet from the weave entrance and approaching.   The buzzer rang and I called her to me, not wanting her to commit to the poles.  I was very far ahead of her, but Perri chose to continue into the poles and did them all with me way way ahead of her.   Her only perfect set of weaves all weekend!  Will need to experiment with moving ahead of Perri when she is in her poles...she seems to prefer that.   Another challenge for me!

The day ended with Jumpers and a very nice run with Molly (I did not enter Perri in Jumpers.)  This makes 4/5 jumpers legs towards the C-ATCH2 and I think I am going to try to save the fifth Jumpers leg for our C-ATCH run.  Instead of having it be on a Standard course.  I might be able to relax a little bit more.

Sunday would be a shorter day for us, I only entered the first two classes since I was on call for work in the afternoon.

Traditional Jackpot was first with Molly and we absolutely did not get the Gamble (you had to send into the tunnel beside the A-frame...) I can see why she thought I wanted the jump!  Oh well!   I just love Jackpot and running with my girl and racking up points regardless.

Standard was next!  Both girls in this again.

No video for Molly but...another Q!  That makes 4/10, every Standard leg is precious!  I am so proud of Molly for not faulting any contacts all weekend!  We are nearly halfway through our required Standard legs for the C-ATCH2 and I am getting a little bit excited about that, especially with lots of local CPE trials upcoming that have two Standard runs offered per day!

Perri was next.  I kept her out in the car all day except some walks indoors to acclimate, eat cookies and say hi to people that she liked.  I got her really charged up on the start line asking her where her friend Daphnee was.   I think I got her too charged up!

The whole first line is a push-pull mess with me causing a refusal (not scored in CPE.).   Then there is the attempted blind cross where I totally fail to support Perri going over the jump.  Ugh ugh ugh!  She pops the weaves but I let her skip a pole and just ask her to dive right back in, which she did!   I have to laugh at the poor judge flinging his hands up signalling faults again and again.  The grand total was 85 faults but look at my girl bouncing on the start line and look at her flying down the dog walk.  Perri is often very cautious on the dog walk and rarely runs on it.  She is running and her tail is wagging so... I count this run as a success!   Even if I am embarrassed about my handler errors, I am loving her attitude.  Perri's attitude is always more important than accuracy, always.   If I have a happy poodle I've got the world...the Qs will come with time!

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