Thursday, January 14, 2016

Perri Shoulder 2nd Progress Check

It has been eight weeks since Perri's initial progress check by our rehab vet and she was due for another.   Perri has been continuing on the underwater treadmill weekly, we have been increasing the time of her walks, we have been hiking, we have been increasing freedom.   That has all been a little scary for me!  Perri's shoulder felt great on her first progress check, but the injury can be finicky and Dr P wanted more conditioning and strengthening.

On Perri's very first assessment exam, the soft tissue on her shoulders was 23cm on the injured shoulder, and 26 on the left.   On her first recheck, she was 26cm on the right side and 28cm on the left side.   Tonight she was a whopping 33cm on both sides, no difference - so she is officially using both sides equally.

Dr P felt the wrist, elbow and shoulder on both sides.   All is looking great!   Neither shoulder is abducting away from the body at all, and she gave the right shoulder a thorough test to be certain.   Everything feels strong and tight.

And that's it.   We are allowed to return to normal activity!  She would like Perri to not be loose in the ice and snow this season yet (which I was already planning on.)  I told her that I do plan to wait until March to retrain agility and she said that was fine - but that Perri's body is strong enough for whenever we choose to return.  She suggested working tight circles on the flat in the mean time.

Off leash hiking!  Pouncing!  Pottying in the yard with no leash! (provided there is no snow.)

It felt like this day would never come.   It's been four long months and we are so happy to be on the other side.