Monday, January 18, 2016

This Just Stinks!

I have not posted an update in a few weeks about Molly's infected anal gland.   Things are not improving.

Molly went through two weeks of a stronger antibiotic, Clavamox.  She was rechecked two weeks after that, only to find the gland fluid to be still bloody.   The next step was to infuse the gland directly with antibiotic ointment.  I helped to hold Molly and the tech and vet did the infusion.   They actually turn out the rectum slightly so that they can gain access to the emptying duct on the anal gland and then insert a small tube right into that duct and fill the gland with the antibiotic ointment.

Tonight we returned for our re-check, with Molly still producing bloody fluid from the right gland.   The left gland looks good.   Molly was given another infusion, this time in both glands, and put on another course of oral Clavamox.   I am committing to religious daily, if not more than once a day, epsom salt soaked warm compresses to her anal area.   We've got to kick this infection!

The vet did tell me last week that it usually takes more than one infusion, so I am trying not to lose heart.  Talk about frustrating!  I also made an appointment with our chiropractor (for both girls, actually.) because I read online that spinal problems can cause anal gland issues.  You never know!  We will see what next week brings.    

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