Saturday, April 23, 2016

April CPE Agility

CPE Trial today!   Molly was...wild!   I don't know what got into her but she was deceivingly calm ringside and just a little crazed on the course.   In Jumpers I must have stressed her out because she ended our team work with a wrong course tunnel and then sort of made up her on course and we left.   Okay, then!

Wildcard was...also wild!  It was our only Q of the day and it was the last leg we needed for Molly's Wildcard Championship title.  We got Snookered in Snooker but it was a good time nonetheless.   The shining moment of the day was the Traditional Jackpot.  I don't have a video.   I didn't care about the run because the weaves were in the gamble and Molly does not do weaves in a gamble.  We did a fun opening, our normal grabbing every point in sight and having a blast running around together.   The gamble was tunnel-weave-jump-jump.  I sent her in the tunnel and she missed the weave entry and recalled to me.  I asked her "Do you see it??" (from our weave pole training with Julie Daniels on FDSA.)   She did.   She saw it.   That dog ran out 10 feet from me, past a dummy jump, and wrapped into the weave entry and just did the entire set as pretty as you please.   I was so dumbstruck I forgot to handle the rest of the gamble (the other two jumps) so we NQd but....damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   So proud of my girl!  It felt like a major moment to me!

I also entered Ein in this trial for two runs!    The first run was Jumpers and it was a bit too challenging for him - and by the way he has not run agility since January 2015.

Wildcard was a lot better.  It was shorter and I committed to being more supportive of him (no rear crosses!  No assuming he is committing to tunnels!)

Simply the Best!

Ein seemed pretty sure that I had lost my mind with this ridiculous loose definition of "heel position" but okay, he would play along.   He was troubled by the noisy trial and dirt footing, but whatever you want, momma!   He's such a good boy.  But he definitely likes Rally-O and Obedience better - if only because those are the things we practice.   

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