Saturday, May 28, 2016

Heat Wave Photo Post

After weeks of seemingly endless rainy days, the temperatures abruptly shot up into the high 80s and have been staying that way!   While my favorite weather is crisp 50-60s fall weather, my second favorite is a good boiling hot summer dog-day.   I smile all day long knowing that it is not winter.

There's no lake swimming in the winter, but on a good hot day there's nothing better!  Thursday I hiked the girldogs til their tongues were dragging on the ground, and then turned them loose into the lake.   Ahhhhhh!

You're gonna throw my ball?!

A brave dunkaroo below the lake's surface...somebody is really getting serious about ball drive!

Messed up her hair!  Better re-floof!

Last night I brought the doggie pool out for the first time this year.   Ein was happy to lay down in it, and Molly and Perri did dive bombs into it and through it while they ran around the yard playing with their toys.   They don't over heat in the hot air because they can go get refreshed in the pool whenever they want.



And another of my favorite things about hot summer days, is zipping over to the Reservoir for dog-swimming.   Sometimes there are fishermen there, but not too often.   There is a much larger reservoir 30 seconds up the road and most people choose to go there.  Tonight after work I took Ein and Perri out for some water fetch.  

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