Sunday, June 5, 2016

Happy Birthday, Molly!

My wild child, my middle child, my most naughty girl turns 7 today!   Molly was an acquired taste for me, she was not love at first sight.   It took us years.   It took agility.   We were two people that didn't get along so well and I plopped us down into agility training and we had to make it work.   And we did.   And through that journey our bond deepened and our respect for one another grew.  The other two are my shadows and are hopelessly devoted to me, but Molly is the one who spoons against the backs of my legs every night.  She has to be there.  She watches for me when I'm not with her at agility trials, people tell me that.   It always surprises me.  From the beginning Molly gave me the impression that I was only a semi-factor in her life.   I have always said Molly is giving me an imaginary middle finger.  Once I asked Molly to get off the couch and she did so with her famous "stink eye".  And walked right over to the dog bed and peed on it.  I always said that if a long distance truck driver pulled into our driveway with a box of Milkbones, Molly would hop into the cab and never look back.

But now maybe not.  Mine and Molly's bond took a long time, but some of the best things take a little extra time.   And work.   And love.

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